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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Justice – Review
Wednesday, 11 February 2009 00:29

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A Cross the Universe is the first live outing for French electronic duo Justice which contains a DVD documentary and a live CD. I greeted this release with great anticipation with an element of cynicism as we are in the silly season with Christmas on the horizon. Every Christmas there are various sub standard best of compilations and live CD/DVD’s hitting the shelves, but I am glad to say my cynicism is completely unfounded with regard to this one.

The documentary follows them on their first tour of the US. It is an edgy, raw and sometimes funny 60 minute documentary and one gets the feeling that there was not much censorship of their antics on the road.

The film is an arbitrary compilation of the random people and events involved in their tour. It includes die-hard fans from various concerts, wedding’s in Vegas, sex on the tour bus, feeding aspirin to squirrels and the tour managers disturbing fascination with guns. This coupled with a constant supply of alcohol creates rather an interesting film. One of the major downsides is that there is not enough footage of them playing live, however what is included captures the ferocious energy they have live. This deficiency on the DVD is more than compensated on the CD.

The CD was recorded on the 26th March 2008 in San Francisco as part of their US tour also. The set list consists mainly of their debut '†', and EP’s with a number of mixes thrown in for good measure. The roar of a frantic crowd can be heard throughout which captures both the energy of the performance and their fans. Songs such as 'DANCE', 'Phantom' and 'We Are Your Friends' come to life, leaving the listener enthralled. It is an excellent example of why more live performances should be made available for fans.

justice live

A Cross the Universe CD:
01 Intro
02 Genesis
03 Phantom Part 1
04 Phantom Part 1.5
05 D.A.N.C.E.
06 D.A.N.C.E. Part 2
08 Waters of Nazareth (Prelude)
09 One Minute to Midnight
10 Tthhee Ppaarrttyy
11 Let There Be Light
12 Stress
13 We Are Your Friends (Reprise)
14 Waters of Nazareth
15 Phantom Part 2
16 Encore
17 NY Excuse
18 Finale

Comments (4)
Simon wrote on February 12, 2009
Cool review. Enjoyed reading it.

Barry wrote on February 12, 2009
Good stuff, nice to hear. I'm still listening to the live Cd fairly regularly and I have had it 2 months, always a good sign :)

Matu wrote on February 16, 2009
Yeah I enjoyed reading that 2 Barry
hey did you see these?

pwndecaf wrote on June 11, 2011
I watched this and thought, what do they do - are they DJ's or something? What a waste of time it turned out to be. Weird.

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